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Mitron app developed by a Pakistani company “Qboxus”

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Mitron app developed by a Pakistani company Qboxus. Mitron App becomes popular due to the controversy of Youtube Vs Tiktok. Many of Indian users uninstalled TikTok already. Due to this, there is an App that becomes very popular among Indian Users called Mitron App. User interface and functionality look almost the same as TikTok but what’s the reason behind which makes it popular in India in just a month.

What is Mitron App ?

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Mitron App is a short video platform in which you can post your videos up to 30 seconds. You can edit, add filters in your videos and Entertain people across the globe which is exactly the same as Tiktok. Mitron app mentioned in their App description ” Mitron App is a short video platform out of Bengaluru, India” but this is not the full truth, This app is targeting the Indian Audience by its Name “Mitron” which is an Indian word. According to News 18 report, In real this App is repacked or we can say a copy of a Pakistani App called “Tictic” which is developed by a Pakistani “Irfan sheik”.

Why it become so famous ?

When many YouTubers requested to their fans to uninstall the TikTok. Most of their fans not only uninstall the TikTok but downgrade the rating of TikTok from 4.4 to 1.2 stars. After boycotting Tiktok many Indian users switching to this App. Now Mitron App has a 4.8 rating on Playstore and downloads of this app go to over 5 million on Paystore.
Many false rumors out in the Market which said that this app is under the mission of making in India but in reality, this app is under make in Pakistan.

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