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On the move suddenly fire, burnt to ashes newly bought car, Mahindra in Kathgara

If you have a love for adventure, you will love a car with off-roading features. Recently the number of such people is increasing. When it comes to off-roading, the lifestyle SUV models are a few steps ahead. Mahindra Thar is currently shaking the market in the said segment. Many people buy these cars and go out for adventures on hilly roads. But this time Thar is in the headlines for the incident of catching fire. Surprised to hear? Wondering how such a powerful car can catch fire? In fact, such questions come to mind naturally.

Recently, a video of a Mahindra Thar catching fire went viral on a YouTube channel. A vlogger named Prateek Singh published this video on his channel. Mahindra Thar 4×4 diesel variant in fiery milk white color is currently at the center of discussion. Surprisingly, this incident occurred just three months after receiving the delivery in October last year, i.e. in January this year.

Mahindra Thar on fire

Until now, everyone had become accustomed to hearing about the incident of fire in electric scooters one after another. But in Mahindra Thar such an incident is practically unintended. The owner of the car told vlogger Prateek Singh that he was out with the car as usual that day. Saw a sudden power drop. When he stopped the car and investigated the reason, he noticed the smoke. which was coming out from under the bonnet. Within a few minutes, the entire car was engulfed in flames.

The person said the check engine light came on twice before the incident. But this is not the first time, the car’s check engine light has come on before. The car owner complained that the matter was reported to the Mahindra service center at that time but they did not take it seriously. He even claimed that no aftermarket accessories were used in the car. Rather only accessories bought from dealerships were used in it.

However, the person is skeptical about the cause of the fire. He informed the insurance company and dealership about this news. But no reply has come yet from either side. However, this is not the first time that Thar has caught fire. Earlier such incidents were seen in Haryana.

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