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Ola S1 Pro: The placard in front of the scooter reads ‘Don’t forget to buy’, why the furor?

In 2021, Ola Electric was the first to enter the electric two-wheeler market in India. They launched S1 and S1 Pro e-scooters on 15th August that year i.e. Independence Day. Deliveries start from December. But after getting the keys, many customers started questioning the quality of the scooter at various times. Sometimes there are complaints about the suspension or sometimes about the weak stand of the scooter. This time also a person raised the same complaint against Ola.

A man is holding a placard prohibiting the purchase of Ola’s electric scooters

A resident of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh was recently seen driving around with a placard in front of his Ola S1 Pro scooter. Where he clearly forbids buying the scooter in big letters. There is written in Hindi “Le Mat Lena”. Bengali “translation” of his writings means “don’t buy”. But what is the reason for his anger towards the scooter?

According to sources, the man took his Ola Eswan scooter to the Ola service center due to loud noise coming from the shock absorber. But even there the person is upset due to the problem not being solved. He suggested not to buy Ola’s e-scooter as he was really annoyed because the problem of the scooter was not solved.

Meanwhile, many customers have complained about the quality of Ola battery powered scooters since the beginning. Earlier, a person posted on social media along with a picture of the incident where the front suspension of his scooter broke and the wheel came out. There have even been cases of tragic hospitalizations for suspension problems. Earlier, a man from Maharashtra tied the scooter to a donkey and drove it around after it broke down within a few days of delivery.



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