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Ola Electric: Ola will launch a new electric scooter in July, along with the announcement of an electric car?

In announcing the latest steps, Ola Electric’s judi mela var. That is why this country’s largest e-scooter company is often in the news headlines. This time, they have announced a new product launch. Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal announced the arrival of the new model in a tweet. Which will enter the Indian market in July.

Ola Electric is launching new products in July

“Our next product is coming in July,” Agarwal wrote on Twitter. He announced the launch of new models under the show called ‘#endICEAge Show, Part 1’. Again he called this program as Part-1.” Currently, Ola sells three electric scooters in the country – S1 Air, S1 and S1 Pro. The upcoming model has not been named. Twitter Agarwal has replaced its name with ‘XXXX’. The teaser shows parts of the headlamps of three scooters. Again, the caption ‘maybe one more thing’ suggests there could be a big announcement about the company’s first four-wheeled electric car next month.

Meanwhile, it is heard that Ola is currently working on a helmet detection system. That is, the new technology will understand whether the driver is wearing a helmet while riding the scooter. This feature will use a camera. Which will indicate the presence of a helmet on the driver’s head. This information will reach the Vehicle Control Unit or VCU. It will then be sent to the Motor Control Unit or MCU. The MCU will determine whether the scooter will be put into ride mode.

It is also said that if the rider is not wearing a helmet while the scooter is in ride mode, the e-scooter will automatically switch to park mode. That is, it will stop. Also the user will be reminded about wearing a helmet by sending a reminder on the dashboard. The VCU will activate the model’s ride mode only after confirming that the driver is wearing a helmet. Note that Ola Electric is going to start delivery of their S1 Air from July. FYI, Ola’s cheapest electric scooter was launched last year.

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