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Ola Electric Bike: 350 km on a single charge, Ola is launching an electric bike on August 15

Currently, Ola Electric is a big name in the electric two-wheeler market in India. Seeing the success of the S1 Pro electric scooter, the company has long announced the launch of a battery-powered bike. This time the launch date has been revealed. Sources claim that Ola’s e-bike will be launched in India on August 15. Ola has always chosen Independence Day for launching new products. It is believed that he will not budge this time too.

Ola Electric Bike may be launched on Independence Day

Along with the electric motorcycle, Ola is expected to launch new color options for their S1 range. For a long time, there has been a lot of talk about Ola’s electric bikes. Around which there is no end to the enthusiasm of the buyers. Hence it can be considered as the most desirable electric bike in India at present. Ambition has been created among buyers regarding the model. It is heard that the bike can provide a range of 300-350 km on a full charge.

To support that range, it can be provided with a battery pack of at least 8 kWh capacity. Which is twice as powerful as Ola S1 (3.97 kWh). Again there will be a high power electric motor in harmony with the battery. In terms of power, it can be equivalent to a 150 to 180 cc petrol motorcycle.

Ola’s battery operated bikes will also improve considerably in terms of features and technology. Ola Electric’s upcoming bike is expected to be priced around Rs 2.25 lakh due to its many features. But the big challenge that Ola will face in charging competitive prices, goes without saying.



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