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Now videos can be shared in sparkling quality, WhatsApp has introduced a new HD button

In addition to chatting, the role of WhatsApp is very important nowadays for sharing photos, videos etc. with others. Millions of videos are exchanged daily through the world’s most popular instant messaging platform. Until now, however, it was difficult to send a photo or video directly to someone whose quality would degrade (read deteriorate) quite a bit. But along with bringing thousands of features, WhatsApp authorities have also taken a half-hearted look at this – last month, the option to send high-definition (HD) photos came to Android and iOS beta users. And now, they are reportedly also testing the option to send videos in HD quality. Currently this feature is available for some beta users of WhatsApp which means for some selected users.

Now the quality will not be bad if you send videos on WhatsApp

As reported by WABetaInfo, the feature to send high-definition videos was added to WhatsApp’s Android beta app (version four-five days ago. Now this HD video send option has been added in iOS beta app version To access this feature you need to select the HD button at the top of the screen before sending the video. Once click this button you will get two options to send video standard quality (SD) and HD (HD) quality.

In this case, the quality of WhatsApp videos will be compressed to SD. To send good quality or high quality video, select the mentioned button. Although the HD version will not carry the original video quality or size, the files are slightly compressed, but it will still provide a better experience (almost double that of SD).

It should be noted that this benefit of video sharing from HD will not apply to status sharing!

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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