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Now this company is offering 'Internet Sale', if you recharge WiFi, you will get free Smart TV, discount and 21 OTT fun.

Many are the sale of Flipkart, Amazon, this time Excitel company has come up with a great sale for internet shopping. Amazing offer!

Excitel Internet Sale: Times have changed a lot, today life without the Internet is practically stationary! As you can see, most of the people prefer to stay connected to the internet. And for this reason telecom companies are also offering lots of data with their recharge plans. But if you want to install WiFi at your home or work place now to get uninterrupted unlimited high-speed data, then there is good news for you today! In fact, the well-known internet service provider Excitel is now offering a sale, due to which recharging their WiFi connection will get Smart TVs and Smart Projectors absolutely free with certain plans.

Yes, you read that right. The company has announced 'The Great Internet Sale' in Halifax, where they are offering big screen smart TVs and home theater systems absolutely free with two selected plans. Not only that, Exitel has also slashed prices on existing high-speed plans during the sale – along with offering free live channels and OTT access. But let's take a look at the offers at 'Excite the Great Internet Sale'.

Excitel Internet Sale: Get free Smart TV with this WiFi plan

Exitel's monthly plan priced at Tk 1,599 is available to be recharged at Tk 1,299 during the sale. In this case, if you recharge it, you can use unlimited WiFi data at a speed of 400 Mbps. There will also be free subscription to over 550 live TV channels and 21 OTT (Disney+Hotstar, SonyLiv etc.) apps. And the biggest thing is that it comes with a 32-inch smart TV worth Rs 23,990 for free.

You will get free Smart Projector in this plan

While the company's monthly plan is priced at Rs 1,999, Cell has made it available for recharge at Rs 1,499. It will also have all the same benefits as the previous plan. But with it comes a smart projector worth around Rs 30,000 for free.

Incidentally, apart from the mentioned recharge plan, Exitel is offering special discounts to customers on all plans from The Kickstarter to The Cable Cutter. Besides, if you recharge some plans for 3 months together, you will get 1 month subscription free.



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