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Now Apple AirPods can also read the head, keep an eye on brain activity while walking

Apple AirPods will now work as an audio device as well as a health monitoring tool. According to a patent application recently published by the US Patent Office (USPTO), the Apple AirPods Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones could serve as health monitoring tools in the future. And the reason for such claims is that the company has invented an AirPods sensor mechanism, which will allow the earphones to monitor the electrical impulses of the user’s brain.

Airpods will keep track of brain activity even while traveling

A patent published on the USPTO website details wearable electronics devices like Apple’s AirPods. As stated, this electrode device can measure electroencephalography, electrooculography, galvanic scheme response. It also allows the wearer’s brain activity to be monitored while on the move without the help of a machine.

AirPods will be fitted with multiple electrodes

The new EarPods will be easier to use than traditional EEG monitors. Each person’s ear shape is different, so the patent describes a system that would be active on the outside of the AirPods body and integrate reference electrodes.

Apple’s patent further reveals that the wearable electronics device will have a sensor circuit and a switch circuit. A switch circuit serves to electrically connect one or more electrodes to many subsets of a set of electrodes in a sensor circuit. Note that the company revealed this statement through an image, where the position of the electrodes in the wireless earphones is shown.

Eartips of AirPods can be changed

According to Apple’s patent application, the AirPods’ eartips are interchangeable. And the process is described as allowing the user to touch the body of the earphone to initiate biosignal measurements and tap a part of it. Also shows the location of the electrodes in the eartip and touch sensitive area from a different angle.



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