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Not GB, 1TB speed per second, 6G will give 1000 times faster download speed than 5G

Only a few days ago, people became familiar with 5G networks. However, it is believed that the 6G network may also be launched globally soon. Recently, a report by Juniper Research has been published, where it is said that the 6G network may be officially launched in 2029. And by the year 2030, the number of 6G connections worldwide could reach around 290 million (29 crore). And it will offer download speeds 1,000 times faster than 5G.

However, the report also confirmed that telecom operators will have to overcome various technical issues to make this work. This will include network issues arising from the use of high frequency spectrum.

The report notes that the use of high frequency spectrum in 6G will be able to deliver speeds 100 times faster than current 5G networks. And the report claims that 6G will be able to deliver speeds of 1 TB per millisecond to internet devices, which is 1,000 times faster than 5G.

But solving the problems arising from this network will be a big challenge for the telcos. This is because no wireless network technology has ever used such a high frequency, which 6G will use. So while 5G mmWave is a big challenge, telecom operators will have a tougher time offering 6G to customers.

Team NaxonTech
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