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Noise Buds Aero Launched with 45-Hour Battery Life in India: Price, Specs

Introducing the Noise Buds Aero: Affordable true wireless earbuds with a 45-hour battery life. Enjoy immersive sound, low latency gaming, and water resistance. Available in India at an attractive price.

Noise Buds Aero Launched

In a bid to cater to the needs of gamers and music enthusiasts, Noise, the renowned audio brand, has recently introduced the Noise Buds Aero in India. These true wireless earbuds are budget-friendly and come packed with impressive features, including a remarkable battery life of up to 45 hours. Let’s dive into the detailed specifications and functionalities of the Noise Buds Aero.

Noise Buds Aero: A Closer Look

Noise Buds Aero Launched

Elegant Design with Matte Finish

The Noise Buds Aero earbuds exhibit an elegant design, featuring a sleek matte finish complemented by chrome accents. This combination not only adds to their visual appeal but also enhances their overall durability.

Immersive Sound Quality

Equipped with 13mm drivers, the Buds Aero deliver a truly immersive sound experience. These drivers, combined with support for AAC audio format, ensure superior audio quality that music enthusiasts and gamers will appreciate.

Noise Buds Aero Launched with 45-Hour Battery Life in India: Price, Specs

Seamless Connectivity with Bluetooth v5.3

Thanks to Bluetooth v5.3 technology, the Buds Aero offer seamless connectivity for uninterrupted audio streaming. This advanced technology guarantees a stable connection, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music or engage in gaming without any interruptions.

Dedicated Gaming Mode with Low Latency

One of the standout features of the Buds Aero is its dedicated gaming mode, boasting an incredibly low latency of only 50ms. This ultra-low latency ensures gamers can react swiftly to in-game actions, providing them with a competitive edge in the gaming world.

Extended Battery Life and Quick Charging

With a remarkable battery life of up to 45 hours, the Buds Aero outshine many of their competitors. Users can enjoy extended periods of usage without worrying about frequent recharging. Furthermore, even a quick 10-minute charge provides an impressive 120 minutes of playtime, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment on the go.

Effortless Pairing with HyperSync Technology

The Noise Buds Aero employ HyperSync technology, which facilitates effortless pairing as soon as the charging case is opened. This time-saving feature ensures a hassle-free connection to your devices, allowing you to start using the earbuds immediately.

Enhanced Focus with Environmental Sound Reduction

To enhance focus and minimize distractions, the Buds Aero incorporate Environmental Sound Reduction (ESR) technology. This innovative feature effectively blocks out unwanted ambient noises, allowing users to immerse themselves fully in their audio experience.

Designed for Active Lifestyles

With an IPX5 water resistance rating, the Buds Aero are designed to withstand active lifestyles. Whether you’re hitting the gym or engaging in outdoor activities, these earbuds can handle your adventures without worry. Stay focused and motivated with your favorite music, no matter the conditions.

Convenient Charging and Portability

The inclusion of a USB Type-C port in the Noise Buds Aero enables convenient charging. This versatile port ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, making it easier for users to keep their earbuds powered up. Additionally, the earbuds feature Instacharge, a quick charging capability that saves valuable time.

Price & Availability

Available at an attractive price point of Rs. 799, the Buds Aero offer excellent value for money. Interested buyers can purchase these earbuds starting from July 1st, 2023, at 12 PM. The Noise Buds Aero come in two stylish color options: Charcoal Black and Snow White. They are available for purchase on Myntra and gonoise.com, making it convenient for customers to acquire these impressive budget-friendly earbuds.


With the Buds Aero, Noise has once again proven its commitment to delivering high-quality audio products at affordable prices. These budget-friendly true wireless earbuds offer an impressive 45-hour battery life, immersive sound quality, and a dedicated gaming mode with ultra-low latency. Whether you’re a gamer or a music enthusiast, the Noise Buds Aero are designed to enhance your audio experience without breaking the bank. Get ready to enjoy your favorite music and games on the go with these feature-packed earbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Noise Buds Aero compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

A: Yes, the Noise Buds Aero are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of your preferred platform.

Q: Can I use the Noise Buds Aero for intense workouts?

A: Absolutely! With their IPX5 water resistance rating, the Noise Buds Aero are designed to withstand intense workouts, making them the perfect companion for fitness enthusiasts.

Q: How long does it take to charge the Noise Buds Aero fully?

A: Charging the Noise Buds Aero fully takes approximately 1.5 hours. However, with the quick charging capability, you can enjoy 120 minutes of playtime with just a 10-minute charge.

Q: Do the Noise Buds Aero support voice assistant functionality?

A: Yes, the Noise Buds Aero offer voice assistant support, allowing users to conveniently control their audio experience using voice commands.

Q: Can I use the Noise Buds Aero for making phone calls?

A: Certainly! The Noise Buds Aero come equipped with a built-in microphone, enabling clear and hassle-free communication during phone calls.

Q: What warranty is provided with the Noise Buds Aero?

A: The Noise Buds Aero come with a standard 1-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for customers in case of any manufacturing defects.

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