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No documents are downloading for 3 days, some WhatsApp users are having problems, what to do?

WhatsApp has changed a lot over time. Over the past few years, this instant messaging platform has added various features, and now the interface of their Android app has changed from the traditional green-white combination to white. But the white color means that everything is not always perfect or right, a new issue of WhatsApp once again pointed out to everyone! In fact, the mobile application of WhatsApp often receives some kind of update, which either adds a working feature, new options, etc. or the company fixes a bug or issue. But many times after this update, new problems also arise – for example, many WhatsApp users are uncomfortable with not being able to download documents in Halfil.

What a mess in WhatsApp Beta

Many users have recently reported that they have been able to download images, videos, audios etc. format files on WhatsApp for the past three-four days but are unable to download documents or PDFs. When you click on such a file to download, the WhatsApp app sends an in-app notification with the message 'Download failed' or 'Please try again later' (please try again later). In this case the auto-download option is not working at all.

Not only that, according to WhatsApp's FAQ page, the users did not get any results despite clearing the cache data, uninstalling-reinstalling the app, downloading new updates and repeatedly restarting the phone. Tried to find a solution on Google or YouTube or contacted the company's help center to no avail. Basically, this issue seems to be only in the Android beta version, as some of our techgap members have suffered using this experimental version, while others are able to use the app without any issues.

How to avoid problems?

This issue of not being able to download document files on WhatsApp is undoubtedly quite annoying. But for now there is no permanent solution for this, the company has not even spoken about it. In that case you can leave the WhatsApp beta program if you want to download the new document files for now. Or if you don't want to do that or your account runs on stable (i.e. public) version, then you can temporarily use WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Web to avoid the problem.

Update: WhatsApp has rolled out a new beta update (version today, May 7, after which the problem is now resolved – manual and auto-download, using two options to download documents.



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