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No charge for more than one SIM card, claims TRAI

If you use more than one SIM, you will have to pay extra charges, such a news came out yesterday. After which many are worried. However, recently the Telecom Regulatory Authority i.e. TRAI said that the news is baseless. The telecom regulator has confirmed that the news of charging extra charges from customers for using multiple SIMs or numbers is completely false and baseless. They did not adopt any such plan. TRAI also claimed that the news was spread to mislead the public.

On June 14, TRAI stated that “some media houses have claimed that TRAI may levy charges for mobile and land line numbers in the coming days to keep mobile number allocation correct, but this information is completely false.”

In fact, on June 6, TRAI had invited industry bodies to submit their views on whether financial sanctions should be imposed on telecom companies if the allocated Telecommunication Identifier (TI) resources remain unused after the specified deadline. And then such news started coming forward.

Incidentally, Indian telecom companies often take advantage of market demand by offering premium or unique numbers at higher prices. Also, they resort to auctions to sell such numbers and increase their revenue.

According to TRAI, such rules hamper the proper utilization of numbering resources. Hence, it may be wise to charge a nominal fee from the telecom companies in return for allocated numbering resources. However, no telecom company has agreed to pay this fee.

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