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Nitin Gadkari First Vehicle: Neither a bike-scooter nor a four-wheeler, you will be surprised to know the name of Nitin Gadkari’s first vehicle.

Nitin Gadkari, India’s Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, has been dubbed the “Highway Man” for his infrastructure initiatives. But Gadkari’s love for vehicles. Many people will be surprised to see the cars currently in the minister’s collection. His garage includes Toyota Mirai, Mercedes-Benz S-Class to BMW X7 and several other luxury cars. But recently, the minister became emotional by raising the issue of the first vehicle of life received from his mother. In which model to listen to his hands?

Speaking from the launch event of Kinetic E-Luna, Gadkari said that the first two-wheeler he got from his mother was not any other model, but this Luna. Around which he has many memories. On that day, he said, “Coming to this special event, I am reminded of my first two-wheeler Luna, which I got from my mother. Even though I have several cars in my collection today, the Luna still holds a special place in my heart.”

History of Kinetic Luna

Kinetic Luna was first launched in the Indian market in 1972. It was a 50cc model. It reached its peak of popularity in the late 90s. After that it was lost from the mainstream. Luna has appeared in the market in the old Bikram since 2024, but this time it has come in an electric version.

The Kinetic E-Luna features a coloring dual tubular chassis. It is capable of carrying up to 150 kg. The power source is a 2.0 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The company claims that it will run 110 km on a full charge. A maximum speed of 50 km/h can be reached.

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