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Negligence is a serious danger, take care of the electric car during rain in this way

As soon as the rainy season comes, many new problems arise in our lives due to the incessant rain. Waterlogged roads are synonymous with monsoons in our city which already suffers from lack of planning. At this time, whether it is the road in front of the house or the parking lot in the basement, the same picture of water woe can be seen everywhere. As a result, motorists face additional problems. If petrol or diesel powered, the problem is slightly less, but in the case of electric models, taking extra precautions is absolutely necessary at this time. In fact, since such vehicles contain various types of electrical equipment, they are prone to damage when exposed to water. But there is no reason to worry about it. You can easily take care of your battery operated car during this time.

Few simple steps to maintain electric vehicle during rainy days –

Arrangement of charging devices

The first thing to do when it starts raining is to protect your car’s charging device and all its systems from water. Many homes have this charging system installed outside the home. Therefore, the possibility of short circuit due to water entering the unit during monsoon is high. Many people even love to use portable chargers. In all cases, they should be kept hundreds of feet away from water.

Battery health check

The most important and expensive part of any electric vehicle is the battery. Even though most modern batteries are waterproof these days, the connector part can sometimes suffer from water vapor in the air. Moreover, one of the biggest enemies of electric vehicles is rats, which take shelter in the interior of the vehicle during monsoons due to waterlogging. They are masters at damaging the electrical parts of the car. So if suddenly any such problem is felt then inform the service center immediately without starting the car.

Keeping the interior clean

In monsoon, it is important to keep the exterior of the car clean as well as the interior of the cabin. Already at this time, the water, mud and watery parts come out by themselves as soon as they enter the car. These can sometimes cause problems in various electrical equipment inside the car cabin. That’s why you need to keep the cabin floor and all areas around the seats properly clean and dry. Doors and windows should always be properly closed so that outside water cannot enter in any way.

Avoid driving on flooded roads

Any type of vehicle driving on heavily waterlogged roads will suffer little damage. This problem is even more so in the case of battery powered vehicles. We have no idea how much damage an electric car can do when water gets inside the electrical equipment under the car. Usually such cars use a lot of electrical sensors and delicate equipment which can easily be damaged when exposed to water. That is why it is better to avoid roads where water accumulates to an excessive height for driving an EV.

The electrical components of today’s modern electric cars are given precise IP ratings. All the electrical parts are well sealed to even protect them from water. However, if this seal is accidentally damaged due to excess water pressure, it will undoubtedly cause major damage to the electric vehicle. That is why the same opinion is held by the manufacturers of battery powered cars.

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