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Negligence can catch fire! Check out the top 5 tips to keep your engine cool this summer

In this intense heat, the car's engine may overheat and accidents may occur. So the report has some tips that will prevent overheating of the engine and increase its life.

Excessive heat is not only hurting people, this time the equipment is also getting hot. Car drivers are facing the biggest problem. Because after driving for some distance in the heat of about 50 degrees Celsius, overheating is occurring in the car engine. If proper care is not taken in time, it can become damaged. This year's heat has already broken all historical records. So it is important to be aware of the ways to keep the car engine cool. Because the heart of the car is the engine. If there is a problem with it, huge amount of expenses will be incurred. So how to keep the engine cool this summer, this report has 5 tips.

Park the car in the shade

If the engine overheats, the best way is to park the car in the shade and get out of the car. Better if the bonnet can be opened at this time. If left like this for about 30 minutes, the engine will cool down.

Turn off AC

It is hard to imagine turning off the AC after driving the car in the scorching sun. But when the engine overheats, there is no other option but to turn off the AC. Because to keep the AC on, the engine must be running. There is no AC option to keep the cabin cool, but it puts a lot of pressure on the engine.

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Turn on the heater

Hearing about turning on the heater in extreme heat may sound like a crazy delirium. But believe me, the heat of the engine gets absorbed quickly when the heater is on. As a result, the engine gets to breathe again. It is best to get out of the cabin during this time to reduce discomfort.

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Change engine coolant

Coolant's contribution to keeping the engine cool from the scorching summer heat is undeniable. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care that the amount of coolant is not reduced during this time. It is best to use high quality coolant to keep the engine healthy.

Use tinted glass or sun blinds

You can use window tint to prevent heat from entering the car cabin. However, dark tinted glass is banned in cars in India. However, tints of lighter shades can be used. Much less heat will penetrate. As a result, the cabin will be cold. In addition, there is an alternative way to place the blind. It is also possible to keep the temperature of the cabin low. There are many premium cars that have factory fitted tinted glass. But in this case, you can use aftermarket products. Both are capable of blocking the sun's ultraviolet rays.

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