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Musk’s meeting with Modi in America, Tesla may choose India to manufacture cars

If the world’s largest electric car company Tesla (Tesla) enters the Indian market, many people will smile. For which many Tesla model lovers are eagerly waiting. Again this is a good thing for India’s economic development. It is believed that the arrival of Tesla in this country is going to be realized this time. Because Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting America today. The program there has scheduled a meeting with Tesla boss Elon Musk. Which carries a positive message about Tesla starting business in this country.

Narendra Modi to hold meeting with Tesla boss

This year, the Prime Minister is going to hold a meeting with the Tesla boss for the second time. This meeting may discuss investment in India. Meanwhile, in May, the government received a proposal from Tesla to settle the land for building a factory in this country.

According to sources, the US electric car maker has expressed its desire to build electric vehicles across parts in the country. Tesla is considering building its second factory in Asia in India to reduce its dependence on China. A team of company officials visited New Delhi last month.

Tesla is rumored to be offering to build its factory in India. However, the official message has not yet arrived in this regard. Elon Musk said that their new factory in Asia will be built outside of China. They will start this work within this year. He hinted that it could also be manufactured in India. Earlier, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, “Tesla is considering India as an important area for manufacturing and innovation.”

Incidentally, Tesla’s desire to build a factory in India signals their willingness to manufacture cars in the country. Tesla had earlier requested the Indian government to reduce import duty on electric vehicles. But it was not cleared by the center. On the other hand, the Indian government advised Tesla to set up a factory in the country and start doing business. Union Roads Minister Nitin Gadkari asked Tesla to produce electric cars in India. But if the company imports cars from China in this country, it is not possible.

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