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MS Dhoni Playing Candy Crush in Mid-Air While Savoring Chocolates Delivered by Air Hostess

Witness the lightheartedness of MS Dhoni as he indulges in Candy Crush during a flight, while an air hostess presents him with chocolates. Enjoy this delightful moment with the beloved former Indian captain.

MS Dhoni Playing Candy Crush in Mid-Air While Savoring Chocolates Delivered by Air Hostess

MS Dhoni Playing Candy Crush: Former Indian captain MS Dhoni and his wife were recently spotted on an Indigo flight, where Dhoni was seen playing Candy Crush on his tablet. This lighthearted moment was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media, with fans expressing their excitement and admiration for the beloved cricketer.

A Sweet Interaction

Even though #CandyCrush is now one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter India. As the flight attendant approached MS Dhoni, she kindly offered him a selection of chocolates and sweets, accompanied by a thoughtful note. Dhoni, known for his humble demeanor, graciously accepted the gesture and decided to choose a packet of ‘Omani dates‘ from the options presented. The air hostess engaged in a friendly conversation with him before returning to her duties, highlighting Dhoni’s simplicity and grounded nature despite his status as a renowned sports star.

Dhoni’s Continued Success

While enjoying his flight, it’s worth noting that MS Dhoni has recently achieved another milestone in his career. This year, he led the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to their fifth Indian Premier League (IPL) title, solidifying his position as the most successful captain in the history of the tournament. The CSK faced off against the defending champions, Gujarat Titans, in a highly anticipated final match held in Ahmedabad.

An Exciting Showdown

The final encounter between the Titans and the Super Kings became an extended affair, spanning three days due to persistent rain interruptions. Despite the challenging weather conditions, both teams displayed remarkable sportsmanship and resilience. The Titans set a formidable target of 215 runs in 20 overs, primarily driven by B Sai Sudharsan’s impressive knock of 96 off just 47 deliveries.

The Super Kings’ Resilient Response

In pursuit of victory, the Super Kings began their innings, with openers Devon Conway and Ruturaj Gaikwad providing a blazing start by forming a 74-run partnership in just 6.3 overs. Unfortunately, Gaikwad was dismissed after contributing significantly to the team’s momentum. As the match reached its climax, the Super Kings found themselves requiring 13 runs off the final over. (MS Dhoni Playing Candy Crush)

A Thrilling Finale

Mohit Sharma, representing the Titans, displayed excellent bowling skills, increasing the pressure on the Super Kings. With only two deliveries left, the required runs were reduced to 10. However, Ravindra Jadeja, a key player for the CSK, delivered a stunning performance under pressure. He smashed a six and a four on the last two balls, leading his team to a remarkable victory and sending the CSK camp into a state of jubilation.

Conclusion – MS Dhoni Playing Candy Crush

MS Dhoni’s casual and relatable moment of playing Candy Crush during a flight has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Despite his fame and achievements, Dhoni remains humble and down-to-earth. Furthermore, his leadership has led the Chennai Super Kings to yet another IPL victory, solidifying his status as an iconic figure in the cricketing world.

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Q: What was MS Dhoni doing during the flight?

A: MS Dhoni was seen playing Candy Crush on his tablet.

Q: How did MS Dhoni react to the air hostess’s offering?

A: Dhoni graciously accepted a packet of ‘Omani dates’ from the selection of chocolates and sweets.

Q: Which team won the IPL title this year?

A: The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) emerged victorious, securing their fifth IPL title.

Q: What was the score set by the Gujarat Titans in the final match?

A: The Titans set a target of 215 runs in 20 overs.

Q: Who played a crucial role in the Super Kings’ victory?

A: Ravindra Jadeja played a vital role by hitting a six and a four on the last two deliveries of the match.

Q: How many days did the final match extend due to rain interruptions?

A: The final match extended for three days due to persistent rain.

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