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Motorola Moto G Smartwatch and more products are coming this year

motorola moto g smartwatch
Motorola Moto G smartwatch

Motorola Moto G smartwatch is the upcoming smartwatch from the Lenovo-owned Tech Giant. Last Motorola revealed the smartwatch named Moto 360 running on wear OS which is manufactured in collaboration with eBuyNow. This is now clear that the company is extending the partnership and planning to launch more smartwatches this year also.

In a road map of upcoming devices, we can clearly see the Moto G smartwatch scheduled for June. Along with the Motorola Moto G smartwatch couple of other smartwatches including Moto Watch& One that was scheduled to launch in July this year just after a month of the launch of the Moto G smartwatch.


The eBuyNow is also planning to launch an intelligent smart lightning bulb in April, an outdoor security camera in may, 4 fan air purifier in August, a air conditioner in September, and an intelligent baby monitor in october as per the corporate presentation shared.

However, Motorola is now making impressive smartphones at superb pricing including a Moto G 5G that is one of the best affordable smartphones in India, and a few days back Moto Edge S also is a value money smartphone. Although, Moto Edge S is revealed in China only and may soon make its way in India also as Moto G100.

However, the company is also focusing on smart wear as well and it is a good take from Motorola. But the specifications and pricing are not leaked yet but in the upcoming months the watch will visit on multiple certifications and more details will be revealed.

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