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Motorola Air Charge Technology can Charge the Device through Air

Motorola Air Charge
Motorola Air Charge Technology

Motorola Air Charge Technology demonstration video tipped the transmission of electricity through the air up to a certain distance. A well-known tipster Mukul Sharma shared the video on Twitter and might be the original source is Weibo.

In the video, a speaker shaped device that is Motorola Air Charger is placed 1 – 2 m far from the phones. Two Motorola Edge smartphones are placed at different distances and it is very astonishing that both of the devices starts charging from a distance that suggests that the charger is sending electrical signals through the air.

If any obstacle is placed in front of the Air charger than the charging stops that means the electric waves send by the charger is hindered and not reached the device. The technology seems very interesting and it seems that charging technology has been upgraded to next level.

However, Xiaomi also unveiled the Air Charge Technology and showcased it through a teaser video. Although this Air Charge Technology is not available to the public for now it seems that the Air Charge Technology will be available in the market soon. The charging speeds are slow but you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

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