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Moto Buds+ and Moto Buds launched in India with excellent sound and long battery life

Moto Buds+ and Moto Buds True Wireless Stereo Earbuds entered the Indian market a month after their global launch. Both the earphones have ANC feature, Hi Res Audio and the Moto Bud Plus earphone will support Bose sound. Let's take a look at the price, features and specifications of Moto Buds+ and Moto Buds earphones.

Moto Buds+ and Moto Buds price and availability

Moto Buds+ earphones are priced at Rs 9,999 and Moto Buds earphones are priced at Rs 4,999 in the Indian market. Currently on special offer, the Moto Buds+ earphones are available for Rs 7,999 and the Moto Buds earphones cost Rs 3,999. This special offer will be available only on e-commerce site Flipkart from May 15.

Buyers will get the Moto Buds+ earphones in Forest Gray and Beach Sand color options. And the Moto Buds earphones come in Star Light Blue, Glacier Blue and Coral Peach color options.

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Specifications and features of Moto Buds+ and Moto Buds

The Moto Buds+ earphones offer premium features. It has dual dynamic drivers with 11 mm woofer and 6 mm tweeter. Moreover, it has already been said that the headset will support Bose sound. It also has high res audio and Dolby head tracker. And this earphone comes with LHDC 5.0, AAC, SBC and LC3 audio codec support.

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On the other hand, the Moto Buds+ earphones have Active Noise Cancellation technology which is able to block outside noise up to 45 decibels. This earphone will support Bluetooth 5.3. Again, the equalizer of the earphone can be changed and controlled through the Moto Bud app. Moreover, each earbud of the earphone has a three microphone system.

Now let's talk about the battery of the Moto Buds+ earphones. According to the company, each of its earbuds will last up to 8 hours on a single charge with the ANC feature on and an additional 30 hours with the ANC feature off. Again, the earphone with the charging case is able to provide a total power backup of up to 38 hours. It even comes with first charging support so it can be used for up to 3 hours in just 10 minutes of charging.

Moto Buds earphones have 12.4 mm dynamic drivers. It comes with Dolby Audio certification and Hi Res Audio. It has 50 decibel ANC feature and three noise cancellation modes namely adaptive, noise cancellation and transparence to avoid the surrounding noise.

Not only that, each earbud of the new earphones features three mic setups for environmental noise cancellation. And its connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.3. Talking about the battery of the earphone, it is capable of providing a power backup of up to 33 hours with the ANC feature off and 9 hours with the ANC feature on once charged. All in all, the device will run for up to 2 hours on a 10-minute charge.

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