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Minus Zero zPod: No steering! The country’s first driverless car has been installed with a camera as a driver

Technology is advancing at its own pace with time. On whose shoulders various inventions are being used for the welfare of people. A new innovation for the future world is the automobile. Around which there is currently no shortage of enthusiasm for buyers or manufacturers. This time, Bangalore’s artificial intelligence or AI startup Minus Zero has unveiled a concept model of such an autonomous car. Their zPod is claimed to be India’s first ‘self-driving’ car.

Minus Zero zPod: India’s first autonomous car

Minus Zero ZPod looks a lot like a toaster, just like any other automatic car in the world. The company claims that with the help of camera sensors, the car will be able to drive itself in any condition and weather on the road. The unique feature of the car is the absence of a steering wheel! Instead, it uses a set of high-resolution cameras, with the help of which it can understand various driving conditions, including traffic jams.

Minus Zero said that the ZPod can be upgraded to the fifth level of autonomous technology. Which is considered state-of-the-art in an automotive vehicle. In this case, no human intervention is required to drive the car.

The ZPod’s camera captures real-time images of the surroundings and sends them to the in-car artificial intelligence or AI. AI will help you drive safely on the road by controlling the speed of the vehicle by judging them thoroughly and overcoming various obstacles ahead. While many automatic cars around the world have expensive sensors, the ZPod relies on camera technology, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Minus Zero says the zPod is currently perfect for running in large residential areas or on campuses. Minus Zero was born in 2021 with the aim of producing fully driverless cars like Tesla and Google. They plan to test the car on public roads within two years.

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