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Millions of features will be put on the shelves! Mahindra Thar EV is coming on August 15 to rock the car world

People’s desire for electric cars is increasing. Companies are tooling up their marketing models to meet that. They are launching ICE cars in battery version one by one. This time, SUV specialist Mahindra is going to bring an electric version of their off-road model Thar. Autocar India has claimed that the curtain will be lifted on the concept version of the car on Independence Day this year i.e. August 15. However, no official message has come from the company.

Mahindra Thar EV will debut on August 15

Very little is known about the Mahindra Thar electric SUV yet. The battery-powered model is expected to be based on the same ladder frame chassis as the fossil fuel-powered version. Mahindra’s electric versions of several commercial vehicles are based on this architecture. It has saved a lot of development and production cost. Replacing the electric powertrain in the car may require some changes to the body-on-frame platform.

The monocoque platform is considered to be more effective for making electric vehicles. This is due to the light weight, greater range and the ability to provide more space in the cabin. The popular F-150 Lightning vehicle sold internationally is based on a ladder frame chassis. Which is famous for carrying more weight.

The Mahindra Thar Electric Concept is also expected to retain its off-road capabilities. For which it may be offered with a 4×4 drivetrain setup. Also, instead of a dual motor, there may be a quad motor. Again as per the claims of the report it will have cab walk capability. That is, all four wheels can be rotated at an angle of 45 degrees. This will make it easy to park the car even in a small space. It is also rumored that it will feature a multi-crore SUV. Incidentally, on August 15 in South Africa, Mahindra unveiled the concept model of its new pick-up truck, which will be based on the Scorpio N.

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