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Millions of BSNL customers fear SIM card data theft, empty bank accounts

Millions of BSNL users have been victims of massive cyber attack. A file containing 278 GB data of the telecom company has reached the hands of hackers. According to Athenian Tech's threat intelligence report, this cyber attack was carried out by a hacker named 'cyberfant0m'. And as a result of this cyber attack, important information including International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number, SIM card information, home location has reached the hands of hackers.

As a result BSNL customers may face SIM cloning fraud. In this, cybercriminals clone the user's original SIM. For this hackers use original IMSI and authentication key. This allows hackers to receive messages and calls to the user's number and steal bank information. Besides, this data leak can also destroy the privacy of BSNL users.

Leaked data of BSNL customers cost more than Rs 4 lakh

According to the report, the hackers managed to steal data worth a total of 5 thousand dollars (about 4 lakh 17 thousand rupees). They tried to sell this data between 30 May 2024 and 31 May 2024.

BSNL users can keep themselves safe even after a data breach. For this it is most important to keep an eye on the phone and bank account so that anything suspicious is caught. Customers should also activate two-factor authentication on all accounts.

Team NaxonTech
Team NaxonTech
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