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Messenger feature now on WhatsApp, you can see who was online recently

The popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is currently working on a new and useful feature. According to a recent report, this upcoming feature will allow users to see who among their contacts has been online recently. Not only that, the soon-to-be-integrated feature will also reportedly provide information on which contacts are most likely to be responsive to texts or calls.

According to a latest report by WhatsApp’s feature development tracker site WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s upcoming feature will present users with a contact list that shows who has been active on the platform recently. One of the reasons for bringing this feature is so that users don’t have to go into their profiles individually to see the online status of each contact. From the looks of it, this functionality will work much like Facebook Messenger’s ‘Active User’ feature. where a list of active ones is provided.

Many prefer to keep their online activities private. In order to maintain the user’s privacy in this case, the new feature will refrain from displaying the time and online status of ‘Last Seen’ in the list. Users, however, will see the recent activity of contacts. More simply, it will show a statistic of how active the person on the opposite side is in receiving messages or calls.

The WhatsApp feature is currently in beta testing

Please note that the upcoming feature of WhatsApp is currently in beta testing stage. A select group of beta testers who have installed the latest version of WhatsApp Beta on their Android devices via the Google Play Store are currently getting the chance to use this feature. The feature is expected to be rolled out to users in different regions in phases soon after the beta testing is over.



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