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Maruti Suzuki: Maruti Suzuki pressured by court order to pay lakhs of rupees

Despite being India’s largest passenger car company, Maruti Suzuki has no end in sight when it comes to safety. There is also a popular message that their cars are tin cans. Now added to that list is the complaint of not opening the airbag at the right time. A consumer tribunal in Kerala has ordered Maruti Suzuki India Ltd to refund the full price of a car. This instruction is for airbags not deploying properly during an accident.

Maruti ordered to pay compensation for not deploying airbags

Three years ago, the Malappuram District Consumer Commission ordered Maruti Suzuki to refund the full price of the car based on a complaint by a customer named Mohammad Musliar. The person is a resident of Indianur village in Malappuram district. He filed a complaint on June 30, 2021, alleging that the car’s air bags did not activate at the time of the accident.

A statement was submitted before the Commission that the person was seriously injured in the accident due to non-inflation of the air bag at the right time. After investigation, the consumer forum came to know that the person’s complaint is completely true. There was a disturbance in the car. That is why he was injured.

The motor vehicle inspector’s report noted that the vehicle’s airbags did not deploy at the time of the crash. And because of this, Maruti Suzuki was ordered to return 4,35,854 rupees. And the agency will have to pay an additional 20,000 rupees to prosecute the case. The statement also said that if the order is not complied with within one month, the company will have to charge interest at 9%.

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