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Maruti invicto: Maruti Suzuki’s most expensive car in just 6 lakhs! How to get? see

Recently Maruti Suzuki has launched its most expensive Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV) Invicto in India. It is the rebadged model of Toyota Innova Crysta. The car will be sold through the company’s premium dealership channel Nexa. It is offered with a 2.0 liter strong hybrid petrol engine. The company claims that it will provide a mileage of 23.24 km per liter.

If you want to buy Maruti Suzuki Invicto on loan, you have to make a down payment of this amount

Due to its high price, many buyers are thinking of buying the Maruti Suzuki Invicto home on finance option rather than buying it in cash. But in this case, confusion has arisen in the mind of the buyers about how much will be the amount of monthly installments if they make a downpayment. So if you have such questions in your mind, then keep an eye on the end of this report. Hope this clears all doubts about buying Invicto in monthly installments.

When buying a car on loan, there are many questions that arise. For example, interest rate, loan repayment period etc. It should be noted here that different banks offer loans at different interest rates. Recently, companies are giving customers the opportunity to choose their preferred time period for loan repayment. So for convenience of discussion 10% interest rate and repayment period of 5 years is taken.

Maruti Suzuki Invicto is available in three variants – Zeta+ 7 seater, Zeta+ 8 seater and Alpha+ 7 seater. Their on-road prices are respectively – 28.77 lakh taka, 28.82 lakh taka and 32.93 lakh taka. If a downpayment of Tk 6 lakh is made to buy Zeta+ 7 seater and Zeta+ 8 seater models, then the monthly EMI amount will be Tk 48,348 and Tk 48,470 respectively. If the Alpha+ 7 seater variant is to be brought home, if a one-time deposit of Tk 6.59 lakh is made, then the monthly installment amount will be Tk 55,974.



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