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Make a funny meme and win the best e-scooter in the country, Ola Electric has brought a great opportunity

The success and reputation of Ola Electric currently stands at the best in the world of electric two-wheelers in India. Similarly, their S1 Pro e-scooter is now the best-selling EV model in the country. The attraction of buyers towards which is not less. Many people bought this scooter. Many people are thinking about buying. In this scenario, Ola has come up with an opportunity to win their flagship scooter for free.

Chance to win Ola S1 Pro free by creating a meme

Ever since the launch of the e-scooter, Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal has been opposed to internal combustion engine or ICE vehicles. He has always been in favor of eco-friendly electric vehicles. In this context, Bhabish recently wrote on Twitter that he is trying to create new memes by satirizing IC engines and cars. Anyone can participate in this process and share their funny memes. Whoever likes the meme the most will get an Ola S1 Pro Special Edition scooter absolutely free.


Incidentally, Ola has announced that it will start delivering its cheapest scooter, the S1 Air, from July. It is available in 2, 3 and 4 kWh battery options. The base model is priced at Rs 84,999 (ex-showroom). And the mid and top-N models are priced at Rs 99,999 and Rs 1,09,000 respectively (ex-showroom).

Ola S1 Air Specifications

The 2, 3 and 4 KWh variants of the Ola S1 Air have a top speed of 85 kmph. The 2kWh variant has a range of 85km. Whereas the 3kWh and 4kWh models can run 125km and 165km respectively on two full charges.

When it comes to design, the Ola S1 Air is similar to the company’s other two models, the S1 and S1 Pro. It comes with five dual tone paint themes – Coral Glam, Neo Mint, Porcelain White, Jet Black and Liquid Silver. Ola said customers who booked the 2.5kWh variant of the S1 Air last Diwali will be delivered the 3kWh model at no extra cost.



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