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LG Rollable Phone Patent Filed may debut in 2021

lg rollable phone

LG rollable phone with a screen that can bend in two directions is in development. The company filed the patent on 21st February 2019 and later it is included in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database. The letsGoDigital created the 3D renders of the smartphone using which the functioning and overall design can be understood more easily.

lg rollable device

The patented LG rollable phone has a roll-up display that is packed around the housing and there are frames on the top and bottom that support the rollable mechanism. The images also clarify that the screen can be bend in two directions due to two flexible hinges.

The screen can be folded inward when it is not in use it can protect the screen from any scratches and cracks. The flexible screen can be wrapped around the phone completely which means you have a screen on both sides and can also use it as a dual-screen phone.

lg rollable smartphone

Any kind of notch or camera module is not seen here might be LG will provide an in-display camera sensor or pop-up camera module. Also, it is not clear whether the screen held in place magnetically or by any other means so it remains still.

The screen can be enlarged by 200% if compared to its most compact form. The large screen can provide an immersive experience while watching movies and others. LG also unveiled the rollable LED TV last year and the tv was literally the game-changer at the time. However, It is not clear when the company is going to launch LG rollable phone but it is rumored to launch by next year.


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