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LG faced Maze Ransomware Attack, important Data and Source Code hacked

LG Maze Ransomware Attack

LG Electronics faced Maze Ransomware Attack, A total of 40 GB of data has been stolen by hackers. It is unclear yet who is behind the Maze Ransomware attack but hackers claim that they have been stolen python code from LG Electronics Servers.

According to the Bleeping Computer report, LG Electronics seems to have been attacked by Maze Ransomware. The group shared three screenshots, One of them contains LG Electronics official firmware or software update, and the other two screenshots provide data related to upcoming devices of LG. These screenshots also show the information hacked by Ransomware from LG Electronics contains sensitive projects that involving big US companies and one of them seems to be AT&T.

Earlier, The Ransomware group published a release in which they warn the companies to not try to recover data themselves. They said Maze locker cannot be decrypted without their permission, The group also warned LG Electronics in the same release. They have also targeted the Cognizant company in April, Hackers leaked the credit card data of Cognizant employees which cost the company losses of up to 70 million USD. In March, Maze Ransomware targeted the USA based cyber insurance company too named Chubb.

Who is Maze Ransomware Group and how they attacked?

Maze Ransomware Group was discovered in May 2019 by Jerome Segura, a malware intelligence analyst. According to McAfee report, The ransomware uses exploit kits, desktop connections with weak passwords and phishing emails to infiltrate company networks.

It is designed to stop the reverse engineering of its codes, which makes the static analysis more difficult. The main goal of Maze ransomware is to encrypt all files it can in an infected system and then demand a ransom to recover the files.

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