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LetMeSpy: Phone Tracking App Used for Surveillance, Reveals Security Breach

Discover the latest news about LetMeSpy, a phone tracking app designed for surveillance purposes, as it discloses a significant security breach.


LetMeSpy, a widely used phone monitoring app known for its surveillance capabilities, recently announced a significant security breach. The app, developed by a Polish company, has been targeted by a hacker who gained unauthorized access to sensitive user data. This breach raises concerns about privacy and the potential misuse of personal information. In this article, we explore the details of the incident, the implications for LetMeSpy’s users, and the broader issues surrounding phone monitoring apps.

The Security Breach

LetMeSpy: Phone Tracking App Used for Surveillance, Reveals Security Breach
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LetMeSpy disclosed on its login page that it experienced a security incident on June 21. The unauthorized access resulted in the theft of user data, including email addresses, telephone numbers, and message content. As a phone monitoring app, LetMeSpy is designed for purposes such as parental control or employee monitoring, but it is also used by individuals for more nefarious activities, often without the knowledge or consent of the targeted individuals.

LetMeSpy: A Closer Look

LetMeSpy, also referred to as stalkerware or spouseware, operates discreetly on Android phones, remaining hidden on the home screen to avoid detection and removal. Once installed, it quietly uploads text messages, call logs, and real-time location data to the app’s servers, enabling the person who planted the app to track the device and monitor the user’s activities remotely. Unfortunately, such surveillance apps are notorious for their security vulnerabilities, making them susceptible to hacking and data breaches.

The Breach Unveiled

The breach was initially reported by Polish security research blog Niebezpiecznik, which reached out to LetMeSpy for comment. Surprisingly, the hacker behind the breach responded instead, claiming to have gained extensive access to the company’s domain. The motive behind the attack remains unclear. The hacker mentioned that they had deleted LetMeSpy’s databases hosted on the server. Later that day, a copy of the hacked database surfaced online.

Data Exposed

DDoSecrets, a nonprofit transparency collective, obtained a copy of the compromised LetMeSpy data. Given the sensitivity of the information contained in the cache, DDoSecrets restricted its distribution to journalists and researchers. The leaked data, spanning several years, included call logs and text messages from over 13,000 compromised devices. Furthermore, it contained location data points for thousands of victims, primarily concentrated in the United States, India, and Western Africa.

The Spyware Developer: Rafal Lidwin

Unlike many spyware makers that conceal their developers’ identities, LetMeSpy’s leaked database revealed the name of the Polish developer behind the app: Rafal Lidwin, based in Krakow. Attempts to reach Lidwin for comment were unsuccessful, leaving unanswered questions about the app’s security practices and the responsibility of its creator.

Implications and Next Steps

LetMeSpy stated in its breach notice that it had informed law enforcement authorities and the Polish data protection authority, UODO. However, it remains uncertain if the victims of the breach will be directly notified. The leaked data lacks identifiable information, which complicates the process of alerting affected individuals. Notifying victims of spyware compromises is challenging, as it could potentially alert the perpetrators and endanger the victims further.

Ensuring Your Safety

If you suspect your device may be compromised by LetMeSpy or similar spyware, there are steps you can take to mitigate the risk. LetMeSpy is relatively easier to detect and remove compared to other surveillance apps, as it is labeled as “LMS” with a distinct icon. Refer to our guide on removing Android spyware for instructions tailored to your situation. Additionally, enabling Google Play Protect within the Google Play settings can provide an added layer of defense against malicious apps.

A Troubling Trend

LetMeSpy is not an isolated case when it comes to spyware breaches. Several phone monitoring apps, including Xnspy, KidsGuard, TheTruthSpy, and Support King, have previously experienced hacks or data exposures. These incidents underscore the need for stronger security measures and regulatory scrutiny to protect individuals’ privacy and prevent the misuse of surveillance technologies.


The recent security breach at LetMeSpy has exposed the potential risks associated with phone monitoring apps. The incident highlights the need for improved security practices within the industry and a closer examination of the ethical implications surrounding the use of surveillance technologies. As users, it is essential to remain cautious and take proactive steps to protect our privacy and security in an increasingly connected world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did LetMeSpy’s security breach occur?

LetMeSpy’s security breach involved unauthorized access to the data of its users. The exact method employed by the hacker remains undisclosed.

2. Can LetMeSpy notify the victims of the breach?

LetMeSpy’s ability to notify victims directly is uncertain due to the lack of identifiable information in the leaked data. Alerting victims of spyware compromises is a delicate matter, as it may jeopardize their safety.

3. Who is responsible for LetMeSpy’s development?

LetMeSpy is developed by Rafal Lidwin, a Polish developer based in Krakow. However, Lidwin has not responded to inquiries regarding the breach.

4. How can I protect my device against spyware?

To protect your device against spyware, remain vigilant about the apps you install and regularly check for any suspicious activities. Additionally, enable Google Play Protect in your device’s settings for enhanced security.

5. Are phone monitoring apps legal?

The legality of phone monitoring apps varies depending on the jurisdiction. However, it is crucial to use such apps ethically and with the consent of the individuals being monitored.

6. What should I do if I suspect my device is compromised?

If you suspect your device is compromised by LetMeSpy or any other spyware, follow our guide on removing Android spyware and consider contacting local authorities for further assistance.

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