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Leaving China, Xiaomi is now India’s home boy, will manufacture all audio products in the country

It has been 8 years since the launch of the first handset in India, and within this time Xiaomi has established itself in the country. The China-based company has launched many smartphones in the past few years and has won the honor of India’s number one smartphone brand beating various domestic companies and even the world’s leading mobile manufacturer Samsung. But not only smartphones, now Xiaomi TV appliances, smartwatches, headphones accessories and smart gadgets are also very popular in this market. In other words, Xiaomi has become a part of India by emphasizing its ‘Make in India’ program. In this case, the tech giant has partnered with electronics manufacturer Optimus to take forward this ‘Make in India’ campaign. Due to this partnership, all of Xiaomi’s wireless audio products will be manufactured in India.

Xiaomi will also manufacture half of its components in India by 2025

Let’s say, Optimus factory is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, Xiaomi sells various audio products like earphones, earbuds, speakers etc. in India. In that case, it is clear from the company’s recent announcement that all wireless audio products of the brand will be manufactured on the soil of Uttar Pradesh from now on. In addition, the statement of the company also indicates that they will make 50 percent of the parts in this country within the next two years, i.e. 2025.

However, Xiaomi has made this big announcement at a time when its popularity has fallen a bit. In fact, recently, Samsung overtook Redmi to regain the number one spot in the Indian smartphone market. A report came out last week which claimed that demand for Xiaomi’s smartphones was weak in the last quarter due to which their revenue fell by 18.9 percent.

Xiaomi has launched a new helpline service

A few days ago, Xiaomi launched home mobile service for elderly and senior users. For this they have brought new WhatsApp number and customer support number. In this case, those interested can request phone repair by sending a message to 8861826286 WhatsApp number. Additional help can be taken from the number 18001036286



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