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Kick start or self start? Know which type of bike is more profitable to buy

Kick start or self start. Nowadays, there is confusion in the mind of various people about which technology bike should be bought. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Find out which one is profitable for you in this report.

The riding experience depends on whether the motorcycle is kick start or electric start. Have you heard that before? Maybe you are wondering what this is! This small decision determines how comfortable the bike will be riding in the future and what its maintenance costs will be. Kick Start A lever is manually kicked to start the bike's engine. On the other hand, electric start or self-start bikes start the engine as soon as a button is pushed. However, both technologies have advantages and disadvantages.

Kick start bike

Maintenance cost of kick start bike is less due to lack of electric start. It has fewer parts. So the hassle of repairing is also less. Again the weight of the kick start bike is relatively light. So its handling is easy. A small battery is used in it.

Speaking of difficulty, kick-starting is a big challenge for those learning the bike for the first time. If one kick does not start, multiple kicks are required. As a result the driver has to face difficulties. Another disadvantage is that its kick lever and various parts are cut. such as spring. That's why you have to run to the garage.

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Self start bike

Self start bikes are very popular nowadays. Because there is no trouble to kick it. So physical work is also less. Additionally, various bike parts are easily available. However, whether it's a rainy day or not, problems arise when water gets into the electric start. Its electrical system is more complex than the kick start. So its maintenance cost is also high.

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