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Keep these 5 essential items in your car during monsoons, driving in heavy rain and waterlogged areas will be hassle-free.

Although the heat wave continued in different parts of India last week, the monsoon arrived in the mainland two to three days ago. According to Delhi’s Mausam Bhavan, the monsoon axis will spread across India in the next few days. Pre-monsoon rains have already started in different parts of the country including Kolkata. Just as we need to take extra precautions on rainy days, our cars also need to be pre-planned for rainy days. Today we will look at those things.

Five must-have car accessories for rainy days –

Window visor

It is a stupid thing to go out with a car on a rainy day, burning gasoline and running AC. In that case, keeping the window glass closed while the car’s air conditioner is off means that the water vapor created inside the cabin will make you uncomfortable. If you open the window again, the rain water outside will wet the inside of the car. This is also quite annoying. But what is the way? This problem can be easily solved. In this case, the window visor will ease the problem. It is also called a door visor. During such rains, if you keep the window glass open a quarter, the outside air will enter the cabin and reach your destination while enjoying the natural beauty.

fog lamp

Rain and fog have a long relationship. During heavy rains, a thick layer of fog can be seen in mountainous regions, forests or areas with excess water vapor near water bodies. A good quality fog lamp is the only thing that comes in handy during this fog. Modern cars these days have foglamps installed from the factory. However, older models or base trims require separate aftermarket foglamps. Get the foglamp of your choice installed easily by a skilled mechanic. It will give you extra protection on rainy days and foggy weather.

Rain wiper blade

Many times it is seen that the car’s rain wiper has been lying unused for several months since it was used in the last monsoon. That’s why before the rainy day comes, test the performance of this wiper in the car. Many times dirt and dust build up around the wipers which impairs its performance. Moreover, its rubber parts can be destroyed due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures. In such a situation, it is time to replace the old wiper with a new rain wiper.

car cover

The use of a car cover is absolutely necessary during the rainy season. If you can’t park in a shaded area, you should definitely cover the car with a good quality cover. Sometimes continuous rain water falls on the car panel for a long period of time and there is a possibility of getting stains on it. Moreover, this type of car cover also protects from wind dust.


Driving on wet roads on a rainy day can easily cause water and mud to stick to the wheels and rise up the car. As a result, the metal parts of the car get damaged quickly. A mudguard mounted behind the wheel can save you from this problem. We often put such things on bicycles or bikes. It can actually protect the metal parts of the car from water, mud etc. that come up with the wheels. It can be easily installed from any shop in the market.

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