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Kartik Aaryan: The car was third hand, water was leaking from the roof, the story of the life battle was narrated by the Bali star.

There are many talented people whose early life stories bring tears to the eyes. The story of young Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan, who is adept at stirring the hearts of movie lovers, is the same. Recently in an interview he shared some moments of his life battle with everyone. After hearing that, tears came to the eyes of countless fans.

Karthik Aaryan's life story brought tears to the eyes of fans

Karthik Aaryan, actor of Kabir Khan's Hindi movie 'Chandu Champion', tells an incident from the beginning of his career. He came to 'The Great Indian Kapil Show' and talked about the financial stress of that time. Karthik said that he currently has several expensive cars in his collection. One of which is the Lamborghini Urus. He uses it for his daily commute. Hearing the price of the car, many people will eat Virmi. Which is 4.22 crore rupees.

But Karthik bought a second-hand i.e. third-hand car in his early life. Says the actor, “The person I bought this car from also bought it from someone else. So to me it is third hand.” Karthik said that he bought this car to go to red carpet events and various award shows. Before buying the car, he used to go to these events by auto. But with great difficulty he was able to buy a third hand car.

Interestingly, after buying this third hand car, Karthik faced a setback. Because the door next to the driver's seat did not open. He added, “On the occasions I used to go, I wouldn't open the driver's door for fear of breaking. Instead, I used the other door to get out of the car.” This is not the end, Karthik said that there was a leak in the roof of the car. In his words, “Whenever it rained, water would freeze inside the car. The water had to be pumped out while driving.”

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