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Kalki 2898 AD: Prabhas's Kalki's impact on cars too, special e-cycle launched before film release

Tomorrow, 'Kalki 2898 AD' starring popular southern actor Prabhas is set to release, predicting a storm in the Indian film industry. It is known from the trailer that the whole movie depicts the ending of Kaliyuga. According to Hinduism, Vishnu's tenth avatar, Kalki, will end the Kali Yuga. He is also the herald of the arrival of the new Satya Yuga. Indian EV two-wheeler startup EMotorad has launched a special edition electric bicycle in collaboration with the makers of the much talked about film. Named EMotorad Kalki Limited Edition Doodle. As the name suggests, it will be available in limited numbers.

EMotorad Kalki Limited Edition e-cycle has been launched

The front of this foldable bicycle is emblazoned with the theme of the movie Kalki 2898 AD. Futuristic style is observed along with adventure. The special edition EMotorad Kalki Doodle e-bike with unique graphics is based on the Doodle V3 model. The most interesting thing is that it is foldable. The price has been fixed at Tk 55,999 and advance booking is being done for Tk 2,898. This advance booking amount is fixed according to the name of the movie.

EMotorad Kalki Doodle has a foldable frame with exclusive design. Suitable for urban roads, this battery bike can be folded and carried anywhere. It is provided with fat tires, which will help in maintaining stability as well as providing comfort.

EMotorad Kalki Doodle's electric motor can reach a top speed of 25 km per hour. It can cover a distance of 60 kilometers on a full charge. Five riding modes are offered on this small but cool bike. These include Pedal Assist, Accelerate Walk and Pedal Mode.

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