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Jio's unlimited call market is over! WhatsApp brings 3 major calling features to improve communication quality

Since its launch in 2015 as a calling service, WhatsApp has revolutionized the medium of communication in nearly a decade. There is no doubt that this platform has become a game-changer by facilitating voice calls, video calls and group calls anywhere, anytime! After virtually turning the tide with several new features, now WhatsApp is rolling out three new features that will make your calling experience more seamless and enjoyable on any device.

According to the company's recent announcement, they are going to bring screen sharing with audio, facility to add more members in video calls and speaker spotlight option in the new update. So for those who feel more comfortable with internet calling and WhatsApp calling instead of normal calls, happy days are going to come soon. Let's now find out how the upcoming features will work…

WhatsApp has announced these three new calling features

1. Screen Sharing with Audio: To compete with other video calling platforms in the market, WhatsApp introduced the feature of screen sharing during calls quite some time ago, although the audio was muted, meaning the screen sharing sound was not heard during the call. But that shortcoming no longer exists, because WhatsApp is launching a new 'screen sharing with audio' feature for this.

2. Increasing the number of participants in video calls (More Participants in Video Calls): Due to the new update of WhatsApp, there is also a big change in the field of video calling. The company is expanding the number of participants in a video call to 32 people As a result, you can now talk to more friends, family or colleagues in a single call, whether using a desktop or mobile device.

3. Speaker Spotlight:
During a group call, it is often not clear who is speaking. But WhatsApp is also addressing this – the platform's new speaker spotlight feature will automatically highlight the profile of the person speaking in the call and appear first on the screen.

Not only chatting or messaging, WhatsApp has always focused on high-quality call services. These new updates or features are proof of that trend of the company. Already in recent updates, features like crisper sound, noise-echo cancellation, high-resolution video calling etc. have been added to the platform.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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