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Jio beat Airtel, Vodafone Idea, BSNL again in terms of subscriber acquisition, with a total of 43 crore users

Reliance Jio, currently one of India’s leading telecom operators, has added the highest number of active wireless users in the month of April. The number of active users of this telco has increased from 402.57 million (40.257 crore) to 407.25 million (40.725 crore). Note that only the number of wireless active users is mentioned here. In April 2023, Jio’s total number of wireless subscribers reached 433.27 million (43.327 crore). That means more than 93.99 percent Jio users were active this month. Currently they are the only telecom operator with over 400 million (40 crore) active users.

According to data released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI, Airtel is now in the second position with 370.29 million (37.029 crore) active wireless users. Airtel had 369.56 million (36.956 crore) active users in March 2023, which increased to 370.29 million (37.029 crore) in April. And the VLR of this telco is now 99.63% i.e. 99.63% of Airtel users were active in April 2023. This means Airtel has managed to add only 0.73 million (0.073 crore) active wireless users. But Jio added 4.68 million (0.468 crore) wireless active users. However, Airtel is far ahead of Jio in terms of competition. Because Airtel reached Rs 193 in terms of Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), while Jio reached Rs 178.8.

Meanwhile, in April 2023 Vodafone Idea had 207.88 million (20.788 crore) active users, currently it has decreased to 207.05 million (20.705 crore). Also, BSNL’s subscriber base also declined to 53.27 million (5.327 crore) from 53.66 million (5.366 crore). That means Vodafone lost 0.83 active wireless users and BSNL lost 0.39 million (0.039 crore) active users. Currently Vodafone Idea has a total active wireless subscriber base of 233.76 million (23.376 crore) and BSNL has a total active wireless subscriber base of 102.97 million (10.297 crore).

Vodafone Idea is believed to be unable to add new active wireless users as it is yet to offer 5G services like the other two telcos. And BSNL is still working to provide 4G services in the country, so they are lagging behind others.

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