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Jio, Airtel's strict directives to stop the rise of international fake calls, what will citizens do?

In order to protect citizens, recently the Center directed all Indian telecom service providers to block incoming international fraudulent calls.

International spoofed calls have become a major problem for the country at present, the cases of fraud through such fake international calls are increasing rapidly in the country. In that case, keeping in mind the citizen safety, the Modi government has again taken a strict step to prevent any kind of fraud and financial scams. All Indian Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) have recently been directed by the Center to block incoming international fraudulent calls, which impersonate Indian numbers. Meanwhile, TSP companies, along with the Department of Telecom, have developed a system that will detect and block international fake calls reaching any customer.

Fraudsters fooling with fake identity: Ministry

A statement issued by the Ministry of Communication said that now a fraud cycle is active in the country where fraudsters are impersonating Indian citizens.
International spoofed calls are being used for looting, which appear on the phone as incoming calls from Indian mobile numbers. According to the ministry, cybercriminals based abroad are actually using Calling Line Identity (CLI) to trick common people by making such calls.

In this case, the masterminds behind the calls call the government and police officials claiming digital arrest, FedEx scam, drugs/drugs found in courier etc., or threaten to disconnect the mobile connection in the name of Department of Telecom (DoT), Regulatory Authority (TRAI). The ministry said that it is given. And so the telecom companies have been instructed to block all such fake calls.

It should be noted that the telecom department has already taken several important steps starting from the launch of the Sanchar Saathi portal for the protection of mobile users i.e. telecom customers. Citizens can help everyone by reporting such fake or suspicious calls to Sanchar Sathi's Chakshu service immediately, the ministry said. Chakshu, a government service that facilitates reporting of all types of suspicious calls, SMS and WhatsApp messages. Despite these efforts, however, fraudsters may try to accomplish their feat in other ways.

How to complain to Chakshu?

To report any cyber scam in Chakshu you need to visit Sanchar Saathi Portal (www.sancharsaathi.gov.in). Here you can browse all citizen-centric services as well as select the 'Chakshu' option to enter the medium, category, date, time, name and other details. Here any screenshot (if any) of complaint can be uploaded. OTP verification of mobile number with all information will be done.



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