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Jawa Yezdi: Jawa-Yezdi to launch 8 new bikes this year, Royal Enfield under pressure

Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles (Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles), a brand under Classic Legends Private Limited, has been struggling since the beginning of the year. They are trying hard to increase their market share by planning to launch one model after another. This has been rumored for a long time, but the start of the 2024-25 financial year brings big news for fans. Company CEO Ashish Singh Joshi confirmed that Jawa and Yezdi will launch 7 to 8 bikes in the current financial year. However, Joshi did not say anything about the specific launch timeline.

Jawa-Yezdi is bringing 7-8 new bikes this fiscal

The first model is expected to be launched in the market soon. Among these seven-eight bikes, there are completely new and updated versions, both models. The most interesting thing will be if the company comes up with a brand new segment model.

In Joshi’s words, ‚ÄúSeveral products will be launched in the current financial year. 7-8 models will be available even though no specific number can be said. In between, there will be updates of current bikes and new models as well. We are also going to step into new segments. So it’s going to be pretty exciting.”

Incidentally, Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles earlier this year updated the Jawa Classic and launched the new Jawa 32 with a bigger 334 cc engine, new chassis, suspension and wider tyres. Let it be known that mega service camps have been organized by the organization in 35 dealerships in 20 cities. There is an opportunity to change the rusted parts for free and extend the warranty.

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