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Is the engine going to stop suddenly while the bike is running? Know the remedy without waiting

Sudden engine shutdown while riding the bike is very uncomfortable. Many times the bike rider may face various inconvenient situations. The driver may face an accident when the speed of the bike is suddenly stopped while climbing the steep mountain road or on the busy road. So what is the solution? Let’s find out.

Correct way to ride a bike-

First of all, remember that in order to run the motorcycle engine properly, the left hand clutch and the right hand accelerator and these two with the gear shifter pedal on the left foot and the brake lever on the right foot must be properly coordinated. At the beginning, after starting the engine in neutral position, keep both hands firmly and hold the left hand clutch. Then shift into first gear with the left foot. But the right foot will be on the brake lever. Then release the right hand accelerator slightly and release the left hand clutch slowly. This time you will see your bike trying to move forward. The bike will start moving forward only when the clutch is fully released by increasing the speed gradually.

Mountain biking rules

Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding a bike on flat roads as well as hilly roads knows its glory. However, if the engine stops suddenly while riding the bike on a steep road, you may have to get into trouble. If such a situation occurs, immediately immobilize the bike with foot and hand brakes. Along with following the above procedure, there is a need to maintain the right balance between the bike’s engine power and control. Since the road is uphill, a little more pressure on the accelerator will lift the bike uphill.

Determine the correct speed

After starting to learn to ride a motorbike, it may suddenly stop riding at various times. This is actually a result of not having the right combination of clutch and accelerator. That is why in the beginning the matter of coordination between these clutches, gears, accelerators, brakes should be given extra importance. Along with that, it is best to avoid riding the bike at excessively low speeds during this time. This will result in extra jolting in the engine. If you can maintain the correct speed with each gear while keeping the speed under control, the Kellaft.

Clutch control

It is very important to know how to hold the clutch and keep the engine running while riding the bike. Whenever the bike has to be stopped, the left hand clutch should be fully depressed to disconnect the engine from the rear wheel. You will see that the engine is running properly. Apart from this the clutch must be pressed properly every time while changing gears while the bike is running. After a few days of practice, these things will become very easy for you.

Anti stall device

These days many expensive and high performance bikes are fitted with anti stall devices. Which actually helps to keep the engine running by keeping the minimum rpm of the engine constant. It is very useful for inexperienced riders. It can be said that it is an additional safety shield to keep the engine running. This technology is available on a number of bikes, including the TVS Apache for example, which has a fancy name – Glide Through Technology. So if you absolutely need such technology, it’s wise to buy models that have it.

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