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Instantly update WhatsApp app, this special feature comes with new calling button

Globally popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently been seen rolling out various small and large features for its group chat window. Today the Meta-owned platform again launched a new calling button with context menu. However, this feature is claimed to be available to a limited number of users i.e. iOS beta testers, according to a latest report by WABetaInfo. As of iOS beta version (, installers will see this new calling icon and menu changes.

According to a report by WhatsApp’s feature tracking site WABetaInfo, after installing the updated ‘WhatsApp for iOS beta version’, users will see a different calling icon in group chats. This icon allows group members to make group calls. But additionally this icon now displays a context menu, which also offers the user the option to choose between audio or video calling options.

Note that in previous updates, an Action Sheet menu appeared with these two options. In other words, two common buttons for making audio and video calls were visible. But, after installing the latest update the existing menu is converted to a context menu.

Now a question comes to your mind that after downloading the new version, how do you know that you have got a new calling button with context menu? In this case, by seeing the calling icon in the group chat, you can immediately understand whether the context menu has arrived in your account Because a video call button with a plus sign will appear above the calling icon. Which means you are eligible to access the new feature in question in your account



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