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Infinix will dominate the world of televisions with the cheapest QLED TVs at incredible prices

Infinix is ​​famous for making a variety of products ranging from smartphones, laptops to affordable prices. The company today released a teaser announcing a new product launch in India. Which is a 32 inch smart TV with QLED display. Being the first 32-inch QLED available in the country, it is expected to be a huge hit in the market.

Infinix will launch India’s first 32-inch QLED TV

QLED displays are usually found in premium grade smart TVs, such as Samsung. However, now Infinix is ​​preparing to launch an affordable QLED TV in India. This type of advanced display technology will be seen for the first time in a 32-inch TV. In this size, most manufacturers Far from FullHD resolution (1,080 pixels), HD resolution (720 pixels) is usually chosen for 32 inches. Therefore, 32 inch TVs with QLED panels can respond to consumers in the country.

Reports suggest that Infinix’s upcoming QLED TV will feature WebOS software and will offer a user-friendly experience with several advanced features. Apart from the 32-inch base model, the Infinix QLED TV will also come in a taller 43-inch variant. The price is indicated to be less than Rs 12,000, which is quite cheap for a QLED TV.

Also, the new Infinix WebOS QLED TV is said to offer a frameless design with a slim body. Along with that, it will also be able to display vivid colors and reproduce accurate colors. Apart from these, there is no more information available about Infinix QLED TV. But since the company has released a teaser for the smart TV, it is expected to know more about it soon.



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