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Indians still not alert, 69 thousand WhatsApp accounts banned

WhatsApp currently has more than 500 million users. Meanwhile, in November last year, WhatsApp banned more than 71 lakh fake accounts in the country. This time under the 2021 IT rules, the Meta-owned company banned more than 69 lakh fake accounts in India in December as well.

The agency said in its monthly compliance report that it banned 69,000 accounts from December 1 to December 31. And of these accounts, about 16,58,000 accounts have been actively banned before reports from users.

And the agency received reports of 16,336 complaints in the country in December. Based on the report they have taken remedial action against the accused accounts.

According to WhatsApp, the accounts are banned based on complaints received from users and actions taken by WhatsApp. They are also said to have incorporated their own preventive measures to prevent misuse of their platform.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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