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India now the hub of car exports, Kia set precedent of 2.5 lakh Made-in-India SUV exports

If any car company has won the hearts of Indians in a short period of time, no other brand than Kia will be on the list. This subsidiary of Hyundai entered India in 2019. They are a big name in the world of sports utility vehicles of the country. The South Korean company is proud to have exported more than 2.5 lakh Made-in-India vehicles to different parts of the world.

Kia sets a new precedent in car exports from India

Kia has been able to achieve this feat five years after production started at the manufacturing facility in Anantapur in 2019. Currently trading in 100 countries, Kia has touched the milestone of exporting more than 2,55,144 units of vehicles from India.

The company said it saw this success in exports on the back of the popularity of the Kia Seltos SUV. This is 59% of the total exported models. Next are Sonets and Carens. The contribution of these two vehicles in exports is 34% and 7% respectively.

Incidentally, Kia India on behalf of Kia Corporation has established itself as an overseas car supplier in India. At the same time, they are equally dominating the country's market. Separately for India they are planning to produce the car. From this year, Kia has set a target of making 90 percent of its vehicles for the Indian market only.

Kia India's company in Anantapur will continue to play an important role in supplying vehicles to the global market. As a result, Kia is able to meet the demand for SUVs in the global market. Especially in South Africa, Chile, Paraguay and Latin American markets.

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