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In addition to posts, messages can also be done, DM feature is coming soon to Threads

Popular social media and tech company Meta, recently launched Threads app as its new product that competes directly with the age-old micro-blogging platform Twitter. Although it is mainly based on Instagram, its interface, functionality etc. are similar to Twitter. And since its debut, it has received huge response in different parts of the world including India. However, Threads has also been criticized for copying Twitter’s interface.

Meanwhile, despite being viral, Threads currently lacks many important features or options. For example, users will not see any option for DM or direct message. Even the company has not clarified whether this feature will be brought later. But now a leak has surfaced on Threads’ rival platform Twitter itself, claiming that the DM feature will be available on Threads very soon.

Threads will have DM option

Currently, threads can be used to post text-based updates similar to Twitter. However, a profile providing various media related news has recently tweeted claiming that DM feature will also be available. As a result, users can send as many messages as they want. Not only that, it is expected to have features like ‘Trends & Topic’, ‘Improved search’ (Improved search).

Incidentally, when Instagram CEO Adam Masuri was asked about Threads DM a few days ago, he said that they have no plans to launch this feature at the moment. However, according to the information leaked in Halfil, it seems that the organization has changed its mind. Now it remains to be seen if this information is true or remains as speculation.



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