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Ignore calls, messages on WhatsApp from this number, may lead to big losses

Despite thousands of warnings and news releases, online scams continue to grow at a rapid rate in India. Over time, technology is developing or people’s dependence on the Internet is increasing, but the number of people who are victims of fraud is not decreasing! In fact, new tricks are being invented to cheat online. However, these days the issue of fraud through the messaging platform WhatsApp has become very common. So if you spend most of the day on WhatsApp, beware of incoming calls from certain numbers. Otherwise lakhs of rupees can be lost.

Beware of calls from this number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has millions of users in India compared to other parts of the world, which is why fraudsters now use this platform to fool people in the country. In that case, scammers these days
WhatsApp calls from numbers starting with +92 (+92) country code and empty bank accounts of common people with the lure of winning a free iPhone or other valuable Apple product. For example, recently a young man in Ahmedabad was sent a tempting message to win iPhone 14 for free, asking him to pay some minimum charges. The young man first paid Tk 3,000 and then Tk 8,000 as a delivery fee after being assured that the phone would arrive from Dubai but got nothing in return. Later he found that 6.76 lakh rupees were missing from the bank account and lodged a police complaint.

Big Brother Scam: Fraud is going on in the name of ‘Big Brother’

According to reports, the young victim of the scam was told in a WhatsApp message that he had won an iPhone through a ‘Big Brother and Little Brother scheme’. But not just the young man, many Indian internet users have been sent such messages – according to the police, the ‘Big Brother’ scam has been heard many times in the past, where free product offers are promised in the name of calls from Dubai. Let’s say, ‘Big Brother and Little Brother’ is actually a well-known electronics store in Dubai, whose popularity is exploited by fraud.

Police also said that these scammers are making WhatsApp calls from numbers with +92 country code, so users should beware of such calls. Note that +92 is the country code of our neighboring country Pakistan, but according to the police, Pakistanis are not involved in these scams. In fact, scammers use virtual numbers to carry out fraud. Such numbers are activated through various online apps and websites. So to avoid such scams don’t give in to any temptation and don’t receive unwanted calls.



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