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If you stand side by side, files can be shared quickly, WhatsApp is bringing Nearby Share feature

Today, millions of people use the messaging platform WhatsApp every day to easily do things like video calling, chatting, and file sharing. And they are constantly working so that users can use this chatting application more easily. Last year the company launched a feature to share HD files up to 2GB without compression. This makes sharing large files much easier than before. Now again, the company is going to launch a feature like “Nearby Share” for Android users, through which things like file sharing can be done more easily with people located nearby.

As reported by WABetaInfo, the file sharing feature is currently accessible to WhatsApp beta users on Android According to a screenshot shared in the report, the new feature offers beta testers a novel way to share files. Also, users have to navigate to a new section to use this feature. From where they can send and receive files.

The screenshot also shows that both users need to go to this section while transferring files and sharing files from within a certain distance.

While Android devices already offer ‘Near By Sharing’, and Apple devices offer a feature called ‘AirDrop’. However, it is believed that this upcoming feature of WhatsApp may become attractive to users.

Incidentally, WhatsApp has recently launched some new features for its channels. These new features include voice updates, polls, status sharing, and permission to have multiple admins.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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