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Hydrogen Bus: Mileage 400 km, Ambani’s Reliance surprised by bringing country’s first hydrogen intercity bus

Reliance Industries, in collaboration with Bharat Benz, showcased the concept model of India’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered intercity luxury coach. The luxury bus was unveiled by the two organizations at the 4th Energy Transition Working Group meeting held in Goa under India’s G20 Presidency.

Reliance Industries launched India’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered luxury coach

A fuel cell system is provided as the power source in the luxury intercity coach. Which is designed and developed by Reliance Industries. Nitin Seth, CEO of the company, said about this large-scale bus that it uses world-class foreign equipment from the company’s international partners.

In this context, Seth commented, “This intercity bus will be able to travel about 400 km after being filled with hydrogen fuel. The bus will travel long distances using environmentally friendly fuel like hydrogen. It will be extensively trialled in the next one year.” The organization will conduct audits to ensure that there are no gaps in security.

Incidentally, the ‘National Green Hydrogen’ campaign was launched in India in January this year. Vehicles account for 25 to 30 percent of the total PM 2.5 emissions in India every month. Besides, crude oil imports cost 100 billion dollars. So the government is emphasizing on alternative energy. Reliance Industries unveiled India’s first hydrogen internal combustion engine technology at the India Energy Week held in Bangalore on February 6 this year. Which is useful in heavy duty trucks.



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