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Huawei EV: Huawei made a big announcement with its first car from Xiaomi

Global smartphone makers are teaming up to enter the electric car market. Recently, one of the world’s smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi (Xiaomi) has launched SU7 in China. This time another Chinese smartphone and telecom company Huawei has announced the start of delivery of their premium electric sedan Luxeed S7. They made the car jointly with a company called Chery Auto.

Huawei has started shipping the Luxeed S7

According to Reuters, deliveries of the Luxeed S7 were supposed to start much earlier. But due to shortage of semiconductor chips, car manufacturing could not start. Hence the delay. An official of the company said that several models of the car have already been produced from the factory. These are now being delivered to customers.

Incidentally, the S7 sedan is the company’s first electric vehicle under the Luxeed EV brand. Huawei claims it has received around 20,000 orders for the model as of November 28 last year. This premium sedan is priced at $34,600. 28.8 lakhs in Indian currency which amounts to Rs. The company said that it got rid of the problems related to semiconductors from the beginning of April.

Incidentally, Huawei is now not only a technology giant, but they have also entered the car market. They took this decision due to increasing demand for electric vehicles. Recently several smartphone companies are showing interest in making electric cars. Which includes Xiaomi and Sony. Maybe some more smartphone companies will be added to this list in the future. Nothing is known yet about the launch of this car in the Indian market.

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