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How to remove dampness in the car in monsoon? Beat the odds with these 5 tips

Monsoon is knocking on the door after passing the heat. Monsoon has appeared on the coast of Kerala this week. And within a few weeks, this monsoon axis will spread across the Himachal Pradesh. When the rainy days come, you need to take extra care of your car. That’s why car owners need a little extra vigilance at this time. Due to excessive rainfall during monsoons, everything starting from the roads is saturated with excess water particles. This is the reason why the inside of the car feels wet. Which causes a real headache. But take some simple steps to reduce this headache starting today.

Simple tips to remove dampness from car during monsoons –

Finding water inlets

Driving in heavy rain during this period often results in the occurrence of raindrops on the interior of the cabin. First you need to find out what is the reason. Many times water particles can enter from the side of the rubber gasket around the top glass of the car with sunroof. Similarly, rain water can also come through the gap of the window glass. So if these problems can be solved normally then it is better or must be taken to the service center and have the work done by a competent person.

Unplug the water outlet

A small hole is provided under the floor mat for easy drainage of excess water inside the cabin due to any reason. The mouth of this orifice is kept closed by a lid on the underside of the vehicle. Once you open it, the water inside will disappear instantly. While this drain plug is located on the bottom of most vehicles, it may be difficult to locate on certain models. In that case, we suggest to refer to the manual book of the car.

Water absorption through microfiber cloth

If the window glass is accidentally opened, the heavy downpour can wet the car seats and various parts of the interior. A good quality microfiber cloth or towel will be needed to dry these wet areas very quickly. All areas of the vehicle interior that are subject to water should be thoroughly wiped with this cloth. Although this entire process may take some extra time to complete perfectly.

Use of portable fans

After wiping thoroughly with a micro fiber cloth, lower the windows to remove moisture and let in free air from the outside. However, a portable fan can be used to speed up this process. A hair dryer should be used if possible. However, since the seats and other parts inside the cabin are very delicate, it is best to keep the temperature of the hair dryer as low as possible.

Use of silica gel in water vapor control

After following all these steps, silica gel is needed to easily remove any water particles left in the cabin. If you put small pouches of silica gel in various places inside the car, it can absorb the water vapor inside the car very easily. As a result, the interior of your car will become completely dry.

Taking care of your car is not a difficult task by following these above methods. Also keep the windows of the car closed at all times without using the air conditioner and sometimes lower the windows to let the fresh air in from the outside. In addition to this, you can use different fragrances to maintain freshness in the interior.

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